Flames burn BG Bet

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Flames burn BG Bet

Post  Buck on Thu May 06, 2010 1:42 pm

News report from Rooters 6.5.10

Flames CC win their opening game in Division 1

In an historic first league game in the top flight of midweek cricket Flames CC opened their account with a hard fought win.

Batting first the Flames amassed a fighting total of 166, with Murdoch 49, and Shelford 60ish forming the backbone of the innings, Clarke and Hanley also with contributions, and 16 off of the last 5 balls of the innings from Dainty marks a hoped return to 1 day form for the 36 year old.

BG Bet replied with an opening torrent where in the first four overs they had amassed 60 plus for the loss of no wickets. The bowling change at both ends to Thorpe and Murdoch caused both the openers to fall to well taken catches by Edwards and Rogers.

After this the Flames controlled the pace of the game with Shelford replacing Thorpe and picking up a couple of late wickets as the light faded. Hayward bowled the last over with BG Bet requiring 23 from the last over but falling well short of this as the last over went for 6 and the loss of a further wicket.

In the post match interview Flames skipper Rogers was asked on how he felt the game was won and whose contributions stood out in the performance replied " They were all heroes every bally one of them baaa, and with the support of the bahookies and the "buck" calling pheasanty type things it was like we had a 12th man out there"

Next week sees the Flames take on Wellingborough CC at their home ground of kettering CC - where it is fully expected there will be a near capacity crowd after this early season successs.

In other sporting news Division 2 runners up, Geddington montague Old Boys, failed to defend 186 with two early catches in the game being dropped proving decisive against the Stumps of Rushton. Many believe that the GMOBS are certainties for relegation this year as they continue to be labelled a yoyo club, and this result does little to dismiss such predictions.


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