Who is checking on us????

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Who is checking on us????

Post  Rolfy on Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:10 pm

I recently installed a new bit of kit which gives me all sorts of stats relating to the main website.

One of its features is to tell me the what search engine sent people to our site and what they searched to find the link.

The software I installed on Tuesday night, so has only been running 5 days, and already the site has seen 20 referrals from various search engines (11 of the 20 from google).

Of the 20, this is how the searches broke down:

11 - Northampton Cavaliers
6 - Montagu Old Boys
2 - Leroy Moven
1 - Geddington Midweek League

So, the question is - who is checking up on the Cavaliers???

(and who does Leroy owe money to?)

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Re: Who is checking on us????

Post  glovesy on Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:48 pm

oo-er!!! interesting, very interesting!! ... probs oppo teams matey!!


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