8th june v pychley at wooton hall on the mat

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8th june v pychley at wooton hall on the mat

Post  jc on Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:46 pm

on a very warm day and after half the team had been to the test match tony of course lost the toss and cavs were asked to bowl first, cavs went out to feild with only 9 as matty and smurker were arriving late, but this did not matter as aj and jc both bowled tight early on with aj collecting a wicket jc got replaced after 5 overs with aj swapping end this meaning buck could bowl "down hill" bucky picked up two wickets both leg side "wack me as far as you can balls!" but to be fair these where the only 2 balls he bowled down leg all game with ross taking one catch at leg gully very cobra like and the other caught well by glovesy down leg side aj completed his 8 overs with one wicket and bowled nice and tidy, buck claiming 2 wickets meaning ross yes ross having a spell and he collected 3 wickets and plenty more chances aswell that did not quite go to hand juniour picked up a wicket in his short spell thanks to a catch from jc at square,jc came on for a couple more very short spells and collected 2 wickets.meaning pychley were all out for 148.

tea was taken

and the s&v chip sticks i thought went down well although iam not a fan of the twiglet.

leroy opened this week with ross with jc dropping down the order, ross soon played on for no runs.QUACK. meaning tony came out to bat both tony and leroy looked good before leroy got bowled playing on like ross for 18, glovesy then came out and played his shots along with tony before glovesy was caught in the deep, meaning jc came to the wicket, both tony and jc scored quickly before tony top edged one to the keeper with 15 runs still required, juniour followed for a duck with a catch that looked like it was a bump ball but walked, leaving aj to the crease and when jc hit a six the game to finish 43no was won in the 22nd over with the loss of 5 wickets, all in all a good performance.

fines were given out after the game and this week think everyone agreed MOTM to micky gloves.some very high standard keeping maybe he still is flames no1 keeper!!

jc Wink

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