Performance Vs Goodyears

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Performance Vs Goodyears

Post  Buck on Thu May 22, 2008 3:46 pm

Good day.

I just wanted to say a massive well done to one and all last night. Yet again we find ourselves on the wrong side of the result, however playing with 10 men, with a number of key players out, it was a superb effort to take a good team very close.

As I said last night to a couple of people who apologised for elements or aspects of their performance - it is a team game and we win or lose as a team.

Singling out the 2 opening bowlers, Clarkie bowled superbly. JC as always bowled superbly and had a great knock with the bat.

Everyone gave everything they had - and we were fantastic in the field.

We have a "Friendly" next week at Mawsley - team selection will happen over the weekend.

Then we have to kick on in the next few league games if we are to be up there challenging - where we should be.

Lastly great feilding by Pidge has to be mentioned as he rootled the ball back in not to either end but straight in the back of the knee of their umpire with plenty of warning ! "umpire" he shouted about a second before "Thud" and "ow you fucker" and " you could have warned me " and much snigger and titter making in the field.


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Re: Performance Vs Goodyears

Post  chris on Thu May 22, 2008 4:22 pm

fancy turning your back on a ball! how was he to know which end i was trying?? to thow it to so he could watch for a potencial run out!! poor umpireing i think, so i tought him a lesson Laughing

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