Net Review 4th January 2010

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Net Review 4th January 2010

Post  Buck on Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:05 pm

Nets review for January 4th 2010

Performance rated and commented on per player

David "Bucky Skip" Rogers

Batted like a god - shame it was "Geoff the God of biscuits" bowled his normal variety of slow beamers, slow wides and slow full tosses.

Batting rating 11 / 10
Bowling rating 11 / 10

Phil Peel

Must be worried by the pace shown by the young pups already this year, took advantage with the bat when he could see the ball !

Bowling 7 / 10
Batting 6 / 10


Now faces being one of the slowest in the flames attack for next year, and was a no show !

Bowling 0 / 10
Batting 1 / 10

Micky Gloves Dainty

Batted like Kevin Peitersen - unfortunately not THE KP, but Kevin Peitersen the Domino's Pizza delivery boy from North Sheilds on sea.. hopping around his crease like skippy the kangaroo on a hot barbie... bowling wise - got the ball to go in the right direction - well done !

Batting 7 / 10
Bowling 7 / 10

Richard Edwards

Don't know what Rich did last night as he was playing with the "others" in their net.. but will score highly for looking like Tim Henman's sexier twin brother...

Batting 7 / 10
Bowling 7.3 / 10

Ben Thorpe

The Thorpedo looks eager this year - and was a handful with the ball last night to all that faced him - and Ben "I've never had a duck" Thorpe will be adding to his number of ducks next year unless he has a batting talent transplant in the near future...

Battting 6 / 10
Bowling 9 / 10

The Bird Meister

Continues to show an eagerness with the ball and the bat that unfortunately is not backed up with any sort of natural talent... will be an integral part of the team next season though.... as the scorer..

Batting 7 / 10
Bowling 7 / 10

Allo Allo

Nearly broke my foot with a straight drive that went straight onto my foot !! Can clearly hit a ball very hard, and will need to score runs to make up for any bowling that he does ... and or Rolfys pies ..

Batting 7.2 / 10
Bowling 3 / 10


Didn't see many of the Short meisters moves last night do seem to remember the clicking of wickets from at least one of his deliveries..

Batting 2 / 10 - just from memory ..
Bowling 8 / 10

Steve Rolf

Gile-Lo put the normal level of effort in with his attempted spinners and will no doubt pick up "sympathy" wickets again this year..

Bowling 4 / 10
Batting -10 / 10


Turned up wearing some old girls pyjamas and bowled like the fairy queen of lords - needs to get his head down on things other than beer and wenches.. err what am I saying some one slap me... good to see the boy before he disappears to his seat of learning - the muppet of the year award awaits you on your return..

Bowling 8 / 10
Batting 6 / 10


Turned up - looked stunning, who cares about anything else

Batting 10.1 / 11
Bowling 10.1 / 11

Good to see a couple more new faces last night, and those who didn't show up may have to fight very hard to get into the side after we picked up another potential Saturday Div 2 player last night !! If your not mentioned above it means one of 3 things, you're new so don't get the level of abuse just yet, 2. I forgot you - apologies, or 3 I don't like you so couldn't be bothered to mention you.. Tom you know which one you fit into don't you !!! ; )

Love y'all

See you next week.


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