Result Vs Barton Seagrave

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Result Vs Barton Seagrave

Post  Buck on Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:03 pm

Hello there

Just a quick note to congratulate all on last nights performance as much as the result. Amongst a great team effort ( after we realised how to field again ! ) there were a few standout performances.

Great opening bowling from JC and PP - JC bowling a great spell with no reward other than the reward of knowing he contributed massively to the teams victory... PP taking 1 I believe but again restricting the score greatly.

AJ bowled 3 overs 3 for 23 if my memory serves me right, and some fat spinner ( who doesn't spin it ) bowled 3 overs 2 for 24 if I have remembered correctly.

Which all meant we restricted them to 101

With the blade Ash and Liam started the team in the right direction, with Liam batting all the way through to hit an unbeaten 50 odd in the rain.

Thanks have to be offered to Barton, who umpired the event and with us needing 10 to win stayed on the pitch to get a result for an extra few minutes as the rain started to fall.....

..... where other teams I believe may have come off in the rain, sadly leaving no result.... [funny snigger noise under ones breath] perhaps a letter of complaint should be written to league to complain about the inconsistency of the weather across the county ! Smile

Anyways up well done all. Both myself and PP are away on business next week (no not together) and no Mrs Bahookie I am not making pornographic TV adverts in Denmark - what a wonderful world it is through the eyes of a bahookie !!! So I will be trying to get the team sorted early this week and electing an on the field captain.

And finally... There was a huge boost for players and supporters of Flames CC after the Barton Seagrave win. After months of speculation, the Flames skipper and Richard Edwards finally agreed personal terms and made the previous loan deal a permanant deal. No need to welcome you into the team - as you are already an integral part of it. In the post match interview Flames CC captain Dr David Rogers MBE said " With Richards boyish good looks and slim yet powerful physique, it was only natural that he made the transition from the MoBS to the Flames permanant"

Well done chaps - onwards and upwards.

Love and peace to all



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