Buckies Fines For Finmere 20th May

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Buckies Fines For Finmere 20th May

Post  Buck on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:48 pm

As my written docwn fines mysteriously disappeared - I have decided to post last weeks fines on here - next week I shall ensure that I am in control of a pad and a piece of pen so that I can squirrel the results home.

Anyways these overwrite what I said on Sunday and anyone that wants to argue can feel free at their own peril....

Buckie 4 - Cos I Can
Tony 11,500 - Cos he can't
Micky 628 - It was funny when he got hurt and rolled around on the floor
JC 1501 - Chimp
Senior Hayward 13,893 - What the dickens was that jumper - brown owl please burn that garment - or on the other hand you could give it to the wildlife agency, when there is another oilslick that jumper can be deployed into the see to mop up the slick..
Rocket 5 - Solid Performance
Micky Spinner 278 - Fine reduced due to mocking of Ross's jumper
Ross 982 - Fined for Jumper
Phil Peel 569 - Fined for helping Penfold in the field
Neil 1500 - for trying to be teachers pet and write down the scores
AJ 1340 - For being too chatty and noisy in the field, and for getting two more wickets than me..

And Finally ......

Penfold Hawkins Mitchell ...... 21,967 - Poor fielding, poor bowling, poor scoring, overuse of the word "cock" and because - well who else is likely to win this this year.....


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Re: Buckies Fines For Finmere 20th May

Post  Rolfy on Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:55 pm


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